Pet Owners Independence Day

April 18th, 2009 -- celebrated by: Raleigh the Cat -- comments: 1

Catherine woke me and Echo up really early this morning. We’re not exactly morning people…

five more minutes...pleeeeeeeeze

five more minutes...pleeeeeeeeze

She announced that this was a special day. A day for US to go to work and for her to laze around, Pet Ownwers Independence Day. She tried to show Echo how to use her computers so he could take care of Daily National Day.

Echo is such a luddite. I promised Catherine that I’d hold down the fort for her.

what's the password again?

what's the password again?

Since she usually works from home, it was actually a real treat for her to go out and play. She mentioned something about a spelling game in the park with her phone? But then she emailed me this video, which really makes no sense to me at all:

But what do I know – I’ve never been outside. Later, Catherine sent me this photo of a girl I hissed at last night who seems to be cloning my master via her eyes?



Humans are so weird! I’m glad they only go independent once a year!! And I’m glad I *finally* have an email address and authoring privileges on this blog!

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